'No sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life!' (Samuel Johnson)



Basic Info

General: History of London
A great starting point to get a general idea of London's history, starting with the Romans and moving through all the main phases (Norman London, Tudor London, Stuart London, etc). Not only informative, but nicely designed and illustrated as well. (Great all-round British history site, too!)

Transport for London
Information about tickets, prices, timetables, etc. - not just for the Underground, but buses, riverboats etc., too.

London Tourist Board
The official website for London tourism, with extensive online service, as could be expected.

London Slang
The perfect site for studying up on various everyday (and some not so everyday) slang expressions before your trip to London!


London media/press:

This is London
The online version of The London Evening Standard, full of basic information on what's going on in the city.

For more information on current events in London in particular, there are dozens of smaller newspapers and gazettes in the city to choose from; here you have a complete listing:


British media/press:

The Times
The UK's most widely-read daily newspaper, more Tory-oriented.

The Guardian
Another UK daily with a high circulation, more Labour-oriented.

The Sun
Britain's most popular tabloid. (Athough in many ways a 'lightweight' paper, countless scandals are unearthed here first!)

The Mirror
Another popular tabloid, full of juicy scandals … Both The Sun and The Mirror have turned the task of giving articles catchy headlines into an art form!

The Financial Times
Featuring world, domestic and financial news.

The Economist
Britain's most widely-read magazine for politics, news and, of course, the economy.

Last but not least, the British Broadcasting Corporatoin, regarded by many as THE news source (and THE website) in Britain.

 British Library Newspaper Library Catalogue 

  Search the holdings of the country's largest collection of local, national and overseas   newspapers.


   Independent and alternative analysis of current news topics by many influential journalists   and



  Media UK Internet Directory  

   Directory of UK TV & radio stations, newspapers and magazines, with links to their   websites.


  Online newspapers  

   Links to online newspapers throughout the world.


  PubList Database of 150,000 journals and magazines, giving details of publishers, frequency, and

   contact details.


  Times Digital Archive

   Available only within library premises. Fully searchable facsimile edition of the Times which will

   eventually cover 1785-1985.




  Financial Times 


  The Guardian 


  The Independent 


  The Irish Times




  The Observer


  Rolling Stone


  The SundayTimes 


  The Telegraph 


  Time Out London This Month 


  The Times 


History History of London
A great starting point to get a general idea of London's history, starting with the Romans and moving through all the main phases (Norman London, Tudor London, Stuart London, etc). Not only informative, but nicely designed and illustrated as well. (Great all-round British history site, too!)

HOLNET: The History of London
'Victorian London' and 'London at war: 1939-1945' are the topics here, with excellent 'Learning Zones' and 'Teachers' Zones'. An interesting interactive site, very nicely done.

BBC: For kids
History for kids - interactive, not just on London. 'Children in Victorian Britain' is highly recommendable. The site contains teachers' pages, too. The Story of London
Everything you need to know about the History of London, about the development of towns and boroughs. Explained in simple terms, and with plenty of graphic elements. Once on the homepage just use the "Go to..." function to get to the London section.

The Victorian Dictionary
A very useful and extensive reference tool with loads of well-ordered information/illustrations about London in the 19th century, set up by a London author and librarian who himself claims to be 'a little obsessed with the Victorian city'.

London and literature in the 19th century
Wonderful reference site, also with good links on Victorian London.



Visit Britain (British Tourist Authority)
Official website of the British Tourist Authority, covering the whole of Great Britain. Special section on London!

Demography and Geography of London's ethnic minorities
This website's name says it all.

Beginner's guide to the UK's geography
National Statistics, the UK's official statistics site, offers concise information on the history of Greater London and on the boroughs. An excellent resource tool regarding London and Britain in general.

London: Maps/Geography ('About' website)
Maps, outline maps, etc.; Greenwoods Map of London (1827), etc.

London Docklands Development Corporation
LDDC was responsible for the redevelopment of the Docklands and its website is, as could be expected, full of useful information. Of particular interest: the good link collection towards the bottom of the homepage.

Canary Wharf Group plc
It should come as no surprise that the overall tone is very upbeat and positive at the website in charge of marketing Canary Wharf, the commercial heart of the new Docklands.

The Docklands: a critical view
Are the Docklands a redevelopment distaster? A missed opportunity? Or a shining example of urban renewal after all? Try this website for a more critical viewpoint.

Bridges Project
A nice, comprehensive section on the Docklands is featured on this site which, first and foremost, has to do with bridges; the information on bridges is actually an added bonus!


Visitors' London

The London Pass
Everything you need to know about the London Pass and about how to save money, which transport option to choose, and about how to buy your London Pass online. Also includes a calendar of events.

Transport for London
Information about tickets, prices, timetables, etc. - not just for the Underground, but buses, riverboats etc., too.

London's Transport Museum
The (rich) history of the London transport system as can be seen in London's Transport Museum.

Going Underground
A fun, informative, not-so-serious guide to the world's oldest subway system, with strange-but-true stories ('share your experiences about travelling on the tube'), funny pictures - anything that's humorous and has to do with the Tube can be read here.

London Events
A practical London events calendar that gives you detailed information on traditional daily events and annual ceremonies. Many links to other parts of the UK.

Tower of London Tour
The ultimate Tower of London kids tour - very detailed, in easy English, with quiz and more links.

A good starting point, this ultra-easy-to-use site is quick and has all the basics to offer: photos, info on attractions, shopping info, webcams, …

This site is wonderful to begin with - modern, practical, fun - and the section 'The Musts' is also a great starting point, perfect for getting to know the basic sites; nicely prepared with 3-4 pages per site, including photos/illustrations.

Capital Calling
Guide to sights with clickable yellow and green buttons for pictures and texts, sight-seeing tour with plenty of information on different parts of town, on history, museums, etc.; contains a search-engine.

Sights of London matching game
Nice little photo game that allows you to test your knowledge of some London sights.

London Online
Definitely one of the better online guides to key sights with more information on the arts, on bars, clubs, museums, etc. A particularly well-organised site!

Virtual London Webcams
What's the weather like in London right now? How long does it take for the London Eye to move? See for yourself at this site, where you have several different livecams to choose from.

This site features many excellent images of the city, many of which are really out-of-the-ordinary and not at all touristy.

London Walks
An introduction to the concept of guided walks in one of the biggest cities in Europe, with information on timetables, guides, walks on offer etc.

A London Guide
Semi-commercial site (slightly confusing at times) that offers a wealth of information on London tours and events, on attractions and a really good introduction to the City of London by Oliver Hylton. Also features live webcams and the weather forecast for the day!

London Traveller: Kids London
'50 things to do with kids when it's raining'; now that kind of information alone is what makes this site a 'must'!

Stuart's London
Website on London's sights as examined by Stuart, aged 10.

A free comprehensive guidebook to London
The London guide to London for free, with useful information on free museums, galleries, free foyer events and TV shows, as well as a 'free bus tour' with your travelcard. Very important: the section on avoiding London's tourist traps!

Covent Garden
Everything you need to know about this part of town where there's always so much action and which is always a favourite with young people in particular. Includes brilliant maps and tells you where the shops are (and there are many!). Semi-commercial.

BA London Eye
Information on this most recent addition to London's major attractions, the world's largest ferris wheel - includes a webcam.

London Taxi Tour
Information on various aspects of London, encouraging you to see the city by taxi.


Arts & Entertainment


The London Museums Agency
Facts and figures about London museums and galleries, and a great way to get an overview of the 'universe' of London museums.

Museum of London
Everything you need to know about the world's biggest museum for the history of one single city!

Unusual London is an excellent London guide to begin with, and their 'Unusual London' section has plenty of off-the-beaten-track museums for you, such as the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the Golden Hinde (a reproduction of explorer Sir Francis Drake's famous 16th century ship) or the London Canal Museum.

British Museum
Official website of the British Museum that tells you everything you need to know about this fascinating place, which happens to be the UK's most famous museum. (Needless to say, don't miss the Egyptian exhibits!)

London's Transport Museum
The (rich) history of the London transportation system as can be seen in London's Transport Museum.

National History Museum
Official website of the National History Museum - some great dinosaurs!

Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI)
Currently closed for redevelopment, this museum - when it reopens - should definitely be on your list of musts should you be interested in the history of film and television. A most entertaining place, never a dull moment.

National Gallery
Everything you need to know about the most important collection of paintings in the UK. Located directly on Trafalgar Square.

National Portrait Gallery
Always in the long shadow of the much more famous National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery is still almost an 'insider tip' and well worth a visit. Founded in 1856 with the aim of collecting pictures of (and by) famous British men and women, it offers you the unique opportunity to literally see Britain's history over the centuries in the faces of its 'movers and shakers'. (And don't miss the spectacular panorama of the London Eye, Nelson's Column and Trafalgar Square from the Museum's top-floor café!)

National Science Museum
Website of the Natural Science Museum; go and see the Children's Gallery with its exhibition on 'The Secret Life of the Home'. More on steam engines, space travel, computers and the 'challenge of materials'.

Museums for free
A small but excellent selection of slices of London's culture which don't cost a thing!

The London Zoo
Although the zoo is not a museum, it is well worth a visit - also on the Web!



Great Buildings
This website's London section offers a great overview of London's architectural highlights past and present.

National Trust
Founded in 1895, the Trust is Britain's most important organisation for the preservation of the nation's coastline, countryside and historic buildings. The website can give you plenty of info on worthwhile architecture in London.

Tate Modern
Technically, this link tip belongs in the 'Museums' section above, but, as it happens this new museum's sensational architecture is more talked-about than its art collection! Why? Find out for yourself.

London Walks: 'Christopher Wren's London'
Christopher Wren, London's great 17th century architect (greatest achievement: St. Paul's Cathedral), is the subject of this guided walk.

Westminster Abbey
Find out all about London's most famous church and most prominent example of Gothic architecture.

One of London's most famous shops, the Liberty department store is a London landmark of late 19th century architecture (and of shopping!) and has lent its name to a whole architectural style: in Italy, for example, art nouveau is referred to as stile Liberty. Check out what all the fuss is/was about!

Medieval London: City of Palaces
A nice, quick overview of a side of London of which there is less and less to see.



The London Theatre Guide
Online guide to the theatre - online bookings, news, reviews and programmes.

The Definitive Musical Theatre Website
Whether the website lives up to its name is up to you to decide, but in any event, there's plenty of background information on all the British (West End) and American (Broadway) musicals past and present. Includes news and archives sections.

Time Out
Information on what's on, where to go in London, etc. Probably the best overall online guide for London: full of standard features but with plenty of updates on what's happening and when.
A no-nonsense guide to London entertainment - simple and to-the-point.

Nightguide London
Nightclubs, pubs etc. in Central London. Perfect for all you night owls out there … (or for those of you planning to be night owls when in London!). nightlife
More clubs, pubs and bars …

Madame Tussaud's
The world's most famous wax museum. Need we say more? (Well actually, the website itself is interesting, too, if not quite the 'real thing'.)


Have & Have-nots

Whitechapel Mission
The Mission, founded in 1876, is a Methodist church-based charity targeting homeless people of the East End of London.

A national charity for the homeless. Highly recommended: the interactive area which reveals how (frighteningly) easily one can become homeless.

The Big Issue
Web version of the news magazine written by professional journalists and sold on the streets by homeless people, thus giving them a chance to earn a legitimate income.

Teachers for London
Since there aren't enough teachers in London, this site offers advice on London lifestyle, on entertainment, museums, galleries, etc. - to attract more of them.

The Ritz
The official website of this world-famous and exclusive hotel on Piccadilly, showing all its splendour. Room prices not on this site.

Website of the department store with online shopping.
Visit this site for a quick profile of Harrods:


Famous People

Famous Londoners Quiz
It's a race against the clock at this website: you have 30 seconds to get the answers right on 50 (!) questions about famous Londoners!!

A website with photos of 'typical' or famous Londoners, including Beefeaters, police officers, etc.
A Beatles pilgrimage tour of London with various tour sights. Careful - commercial!

Blue Plaques: English Heritage
History of the blue plaques plus an alphabetical list of all of London's plaques.


Multicultural London

Commission for Racial Equality
A government website featuring plenty of facts and information on the state of racial equality in Britain today.

Chinatown Online
Get to know London's Chinatown at this website (with history, webcams and the possibility to browse with street-by-street maps).

My Village: Notting Hill
Notting Hill, home of London's favourite multi-ethnic party, the Notting Hill Carnival, is a great place to get to know multicultural London.

Hanif Kureishi
The informative website on the author of numerous bestsellers, some of which have been turned into the screenplays for films that have also been successful.

Bollywood Cinema Finder
A source for information on the Hindi 'Bollywood' productions that have become so popular outside of India, in Britain in particular.

London Tourist Board: Gay London
London is the self-proclaimed gay capital of Europe, so find out what it's all about at the nicely-presented London Tourist Board website.

Beautiful Thing
Beautiful Thing, set in London, is noteworthy for its positive portrayal of gays - one major reason it has become the reigning cult 'coming-out film'. The website is recommendable especially for its maps and pictures of London showing locations used in the film.


Political London

London Government
The official website of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.

City of London
The City's official website (not to be confused with Greater London! See above.)

City of Westminster
The official site of the Westminster City Council.

Welcome to 10 Downing Street
The Prime Minister's official website. Nicely prepared with a wealth of information on London and Great Britain. (Obviously, you can't expect much self-criticism here.)

The United Kingdom Parliament
Information about the House of Lords, House of Commons, about events for schools - explore parliament online.

An extensive, interactive all-round site on the topic of government. Loads of background information on the British political system and everyday politics. Best of all: the 'Guide' section.

UKPOL Magazine
These pages offer 2,500 links to politics-related websites and contain a great deal of information on political history as well as on current events.


Royal London

The Official Site of the British Monarchy
Comprehensive guide on the monarchy today, on the royal family, with pictures, latest news and press releases, and on engagements.

Historic Royal Palaces
Official website of the historic royal palaces (The Tower, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, etc.) with very good timelines on the history of these buildings.

Fortnum & Mason
Site of the famous shop which caters to 'royal taste'; explains about the three royal warrants Fortnam and Mason have got at present. Even if you never buy anything here, stopping by the web (or real!) shop is always a 'very British' experience.

Burkes's Peerage & Gentry
The site refers to itself as 'the authentic genealogical guide to Britain's titled and untitled families', and Burkes's is indeed the source for this type of information.


Wacky London

How many Londons are there?
Ken Livingstone may be the
Mayor of (Greater) London, but the City (i.e. the ancient, one-square-mile core of London) and Westminster are separate cities actually, each with its own Lord Mayor as well. And then there are the boroughs … A bit complicated!

Swan Upping
Believe it or not, the job of the 'Queen's Swan Marker' (= Counter) actually exists: the swans on the Thames are counted (= upped) every year!

The Ceremony of the Keys
Can locking up the Tower of London each night be a wacky royal tradition? In a word: YES! Read about what happens here exactly with 'The Queen's keys' each night.

The Queen's double: Elizabeth Richards
Elizabeth Richards is the Queen's world-famous look-a-like and can be booked - if the price is right. The surprise guest-of-honour at your next party?

Anything left-handed
If you're left-handed, then this London shop could be the next-best-thing to paradise!

Spy shop
Another store that is a true curiosity: here you have anything and everything a spy or wanna-be spy could hope for. (And no joke: this is real spy equipment, e.g. bugging devices for telephones and rooms, special hidden camera devices, etc.!)

Royal Ascot
The official site of Royal Ascot, the social event of the Royal season in London and Britain. But don't be fooled: it's the society ladies' wacky hats that people come for, not the horse races. At
Hats UK you find examples of just how wacky Royal Ascot can get …

The Streaker
After the Page 3 Girls, here's a website about a British 'streaker' (= Flitzer) who has had several high-profile appearances at major sporting events like Wimbledon and is a Guinness World Record Holder.

Weird and wacky food
The first restaurant in the world to serve only 'weird and wacky' wildlife dishes? Hmm ... Find out whether the restaurant will actually open!

Gentlemen's clubs
Elitist? Male-chauvinist? Or simply wacky? You be the judge on London's (in)famous and private gentlemen's clubs; this website is a good place to start for information. (And here's some wacky trivia: former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had to be made an 'Honorary Man' in order to join the Carleton Club!!!)

Elite Titles
The titles on sale here can't be passed down to your children, but they're fine for impressing people in your lifetime, so that you can "be the envy of your friends and colleagues". So, what will it be - duchess, viscount, baron? Really, a wacky site.

London Walks: 'Eccentric London'
Yes, the Londoners admit it themselves that London is eccentric! Take the 'Eccentric London' walk to see the odder bits of the city.

'Britain's best bus shelter'
Not about London per se, but, this kind of British wackiness simply deserves mention anyway!

Gothic / Dracula
The London-based Dracula Society is certainly one of the more 'unusual' clubs for freetime activities...

Paganism and witchcraft
A non-commercial website on paganism and witchcraft. There is a
London-based group as well - care to drop in for a visit?

Casebook: Jack the Ripper
No, this topic is definintely not 'wacky' per se; 'sinister' or 'macabre' would be more appropriate adjectives. But all the same: Jack the Ripper continues to fascinate millions. Here you have loads of information on him and the Whitechapel murders.